Brief Introduction

Our abundance experience at growing and mass production for SAW grade Lithium Niobate crystal wafers. We are equipped with advanced facilities at Crystal growing, wafer lapping, polishing and checking, all finished products are passed at Testing of curie Temp and QC inspection.

 Our R&D is active at developing and researching from new material to finished products at all kinds of optical doped wafers & electronic components.

MaterialLiNbO3 wafers (White or Black)
Curie Temp1142±2.0℃
Cutting AngleX/Y/Z/Y36/Y41/Y64/Y128/etc
Diameter/size3”/4”/6"LN wafer & 8"under R/D
Tol(±)<0.20 mm
Thickness0.18 ~ 0.5mm or more
Primary Flat22mm /32mm /42.5mm /57.5mm
LTV (5mmx5mm) <1µm
TTV  <3µm
Bow -30<bow<30
Warp <40µm
Orientation FlatAll available
Surface TypeSingle Side Polished /Double Sides Polished
Polished side Ra<0.5nm
Back Side CriteriaGeneral is 0.2-0.5µm or as customized
Edge CriteriaR=0.2mm or Bullnose
Wafer Surface Criteria Transmissivitygeneral:5.9x10-11<s<2.0*10-10 at 25℃
Particles ¢>0.3 µ  m<= 30
Scratch , ChippingNone
DefectNo edge cracks, scratches, saw marks, stains
PackagingQty/Wafer box25pcs per box